The Big Blanket Breakdown

Linus had it right. Happiness IS a warm blanket. Go beyond the basic throw and create your own photo blanket at Below, we’ve got the Big Blanket Breakdown to give you the details on the eight different blankets available from York. A variety of blanket sizes, weight and textures make these fantastic gifts for just about anyone on your list.

Throw blankets have been the rage for quite some time now, of course and rightly so. In fact, as I write this post, it is a gray and rainy day — perfect for curling up with a book, mug of something warm and of course, a nice blanket to wrap up in.

Sherpa Fleece, 50 x 60″ (Reg. Price $89.99)

The plushest blanket of the four available from York. This one is ideal for creating a unique gift. It’s such a warm and snuggly throw for the armchair or sofa that that someone special will reach for with a smile.


Plush Fleece, 50 x 60″(Reg. Price $69.99) or 60 x 80″(Reg. Price $79.99)

A step up from the standard fleece with a thicker, plusher feel, I think this is a wonderful blanket to tackle the chill at a ball game, ice rink, or just about anywhere.


Fleece 50 x 60″ (Reg. Price $59.99), 60 x 80″ (Reg. Price $69.99)

Kid’s Fleece, 30 x 40″ (Reg. Price $24.99)

York’s standard fleece is made with a new heavier weight material! Seriously, who wouldn’t want one of these over the foot of his or her bed? I also happen to think the kid’s fleece makes a great car blanket — something to throw over the little ones in the car seat when it’s extra chilly.










Lightweight Fleece, 40 x 60″ (Reg. Price $47.99)

This basic, ultra-lightweight blanket is great for a coverlet on the sofa while watching tv, and as a beach or picnic blanket in the warmer months.







All of the fleece blankets are made from a machine wash/dry polyester microfiber fleece. High resolution images are required.

Woven Throw, 36 x 52″ (Reg.Price $79.99), 50 x 60″ (Reg. Price $89.99)

When you want a more traditional throw, this woven cotton-poly blend is it. It is also machine wash and dry and finished with a fringed trim.









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