Create and Edit Fabulous Photos With These 5 Apps

5 Fabulous Photo Editing AppsIn the age of DIY (“do it yourself”), developers and creatives are behind the scenes building tools and apps that let us take control as we explore and create.

Picture this: you’re out with your friends or family when someone suggests the group strike-a-pose. You pull your phone out and capture the moment with glee before tossing it back into your pocket.

Later you scroll through your photographs. To your irritation, they don’t convey the full magic or wonder of the moment. Off center. Maybe a little blurry. Perhaps the lighting isn’t right. Overall, they just look amateur.

Did you know there are ways to create stellar, interesting and professional looking photographs with your phone? Yes, we’re taking about your standard run-of-the-mill smart phone.

With most of the population now carrying around cameras (attached to phones) in their pockets or purses 24/7, tons of new apps have been created that can turn anyone into a photographer.

Not everyone has the time or skills to sit down at a computer and perfect their photos. These apps (most of which are free!) can help you turn everyday selfies and group shots into masterpieces worthy of e-cards, social media posts, and personalized items from

Below are a few of the best apps out there – ranging from collage making to professional touch-up tools. The best part: they’ll take you five minutes tops to figure out.

Have fun, get creative – and don’t forget to press “save!”

Lightroom (free)

Long regarded as one of the best professional photo editing tools around, Adobe recently made the Lightroom app free for iPhone and Android users. Five pre-sets in the in-app camera, efficient photo organizing, and the option to adjust colors and shading make this a must for anyone who aspires to take top-notch photographs with their phone.

Over ($3.99)

Called “the essential app for creativity,” Over’s intuitive format is fun and efficient. Crop photos from your library by choosing their outlet and Over will perfectly size them for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and more. You can also add text and artwork (everything from inspiration quotes to shapes) over your photos.

Instagram (free)

Instagram might not come to mind when you think of photo editing, but the filters applied in the app can look good on more than just social media outlets. If you’re looking to add a retro, hip flare to your photos with a Polaroid feel, it could be as simple as playing around in Instagram.

WordSwag ($3.99)

The best app for embellishing your photos with words, WordSwag is loaded with funky fonts that you can customize on top of your favorite photos. This is an ideal tool to use when creating themed images for your scrapbook or year in review book. (Mac Only)

PicStitch (free)

PicStitch makes collages easy. Choose your format (the app has every combo you can think of from two vertical images, to one horizontal with two small squares), and select, arrange, and adjust until you’ve reached collage perfection.

Outstanding photographs are sometimes more about the tool than the photographer. These five apps are fun, budget-friendly, and will have you looking like a pro in no time.

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