Creating a Photobook with York Photo

What better way to commemorate big events, from your wedding, to the birth of your first child or your family vacation than with a photobook? You can capture all of your favorite moments and do so in a creative and fun way that can be shared with everyone. Let’s get started.

First, you’ll want to create an account on York Photo if you don’t already have one. This will allow you to store all of your photos for your photobook or any future photo projects you may want to create. It’s a simple process, plus you get free photo storage.

You’ll want to choose between a custom hardbound cover book, a classic hardbound book or a softcover book. Think about who is going to be reading the book. Is it a gift? Is it a story for your kids to read? Or is it going to be a coffee table book for you to show to all of your guests? Once you decide on that, you can choose your size and get started.

For this blog, I’m going to choose a softcover book. It’s been two years since I’ve adopted my dog and I want to share a book of all of our adventures since we got him as a surprise gift for my significant other.

Photo Book Builder

Once you have chosen a book type, you’ll choose your book theme. There are a variety of options. You can choose something classic, fun, colorful or playful. Again, think about the purpose of your book and who will be reading it when picking your theme. After you have your theme chosen, you’ll pick photos.

York Photo makes it simple to bulk upload photos from your computer or from Facebook. Considering how many people like to share photos on Facebook, it makes it easy to place them into a photobook. As you start to upload your photos, the program will tell you how many of the required photos are uploaded to complete your book.

Add Photos to Book Builder

The books come with a standard of 20 pages of photos, but you can add up to 130 more pages (now, that’s a lot of photos!) The amount of photos required to fill the book depends on the template, and you can customize the book as you go. See for yourself!

Photobook progress barOnce you add the required amount of photos, the book will auto-populate with the photos. You can go through and update the captions, or re-arrange the photos as you see fit. There are so many different tools and options it can be difficult to decide! You can change the format of the page, add and remove images to fit your theme, add text boxes to add more fun captions or even insert clip art images to finalize the design. I’m keeping the design simple – and just making sure the photos match the captions, his first birthday, his first snow adventure, trips to the beach and so much more.

Photobook LayoutI started the book off with the auto-fill option, but then I decided that I wanted to change it up. So I went through and tried to put the book in chronological order from summer days to Christmas and Finn’s training sessions. I also flip-flopped designs to better fit the pictures. The builder is fairly easy to use, and you can move the photos, add more places for photos, or take some away. It’s really up to you! And the “undo” button may become your best friend.

Photobook Builder ProjectCompleting the photobook can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours – or even a few months. You don’t have to build the book all in one sitting. You can add photos throughout the year, work on pages as birthdays and holidays come and go and then finish the book up at the end of the year. Or, you can work on it all at one time. I reviewed the book, checked for spelling mistakes (tip: York Photo does not spell check or review the book before it goes to print, so make sure it’s correct before hitting “approve”) and it’s ready to be printed.

Almost Final PhotobookOrdering is made easy with York and in just a few days, it was printed and shipped to my door. Here are a few photos of the finished product.

Finn PhotobookOpen Photobook

What type of photobook are you going to create? Let us know in the comments below.


Diane Falconer

Your article is very helpful.
I spent many hours creating an 8 x 8 photobook. But now I wish it were going to be a larger size. Can I somehow convert what I have done and perhaps tweak the pages to fit the new dimensions…or do I have to start all over again?

If I have to start over, is there a way to save the photos to the way I have now edited them—color, size, contrast, etc.?


I love yorkphoto because when someone shares a design/book with me, I can edit it how I want and order it. One cousin shared her book of the grandparents with everyone and we could all go in and add our own family photos or delete if we want and make it our own. Some other sites do not let you change someone else’s book. You have to order it exactly as they did it.


Is there a way to re arrange full pages? I am making a wedding album and unfortunately my photos were not completely in order, so when it automatically uploaded them they were all mixed up.


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