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Photographer Interview Series: Part II

Next up in our second part of the series is Cory Ryan out of Austin, TX. She’s been a photographer for the past 11-years and has plenty to share with us. What inspired you to become a photographer? I started with a degree in film and video production, and ended up as a documentary film

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Photographer Interview Series: Part I

We are launching our first post in a multi-part series interviewing professional photographers from around the U.S. We wanted to learn more about how they got started, what inspires them and how we can all become better photographers. First, we interviewed Kenneth Dolin, a 12-year photographer in Los Angeles, California. Here’s what he had to


The Perfect College Care Package

Even though they’ll probably never admit it, teens get nervous about going off to college for the first time. New people, new surroundings and new classes are a recipe for adventure, but also occasional homesickness and confusion. While transitioning to the college lifestyle, young adults usually want some space and time to sort things out


Top 12 “Can’t Miss” Photos in the US

I’m always amazed at how many wonders exist just within the United States. Within a few hundred miles of wherever you go, you’re sure to find breathtaking views or epic attractions worth photographing. Below are a few landmarks in the US that you should visit and photograph at least once in your life. These shots

Sychelles Island, Africa


Top 10 Beaches Around the World You’ll Want to Photograph

What’s better than fresh crisp air and the soft sound of waves hitting the sand? Hanging out on beaches is one of my favorite summer pastimes. That and a glass of red wine will make me forget every unchecked line on my “to-do list.” Picturesque pure white sand, booming palm trees, clear blue endless water

The Grand Canyon


6 Most Picturesque Vacation Spots

When my family travels, it’s all about food and photos. What spicy meatball dish can we share at an authentic restaurant that makes us feel like we’ve stepped back to 1950s Italy? What crazy statue can we find and pose in front of? What quaint ice cream shop can we visit before taking a leisurely