Photographer Interview Series: Part III

YORK Photo Interview - Part 3

After interviewing photographers in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX, we move on to Miami, Florida to interview Tova Teitelbaum. She’s been a photographer for 8 years now and here is what she has to say.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

When I purchased my first digital camera at the age of 13, I began experimenting with photography. I enjoyed taking pictures but never thought of it seriously as a career until I went to college. I signed up for a beginning black and white film photography class. I loved working in the darkroom and spent many hours watching photos appear in the developing tray. From that point on I knew which direction I wanted to head in.

How did you learn your craft?

I studied photography for four years in college, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. However, learning commercial photography really began when I dived head-first into photographing families and events. Nothing can replace experience. It is a job that you are continuously learning and improving your craft. Over time I realized that I really loved photographing families and couples so that became my niche.


Image Courtesy of Tova Photograpy

What is your favorite type of photography?

I love looking at authentic and captivating portrait photography, such as the work by Sally Mann and Steve McCurry. Andre Kertesz’s Polaroid series that he made after his wife passed away is another favorite.

If you could shoot one thing (person, place, etc…) what would it be and why?

Children’s portraits in a foreign country. There’s something special about traveling to a new place that fuels my passion for photography, and kids have an honesty and innocence about them that always draws me in.

What is the biggest benefit of your job?

Hands-down the feedback I get from my clients. Knowing that I created moments for people that are deeply personal and meaningful for them is very satisfying.


Image Courtesy of Tova Photograpy

Any tips for aspiring photographers?

Photograph as much as you can, look at work you admire, and always pay attention to light and learn how to harness it.

Any tips for getting the perfect shot…even with a cell phone?

Try placing your subject opposite a window. Photography is all about light, so illuminating your subject with the light coming in from a window will result in nice, even flattering light.


Image Courtesy of Tova Photograpy

Learn more about Tova and her photography, here.

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