Have Fun Making Personalized Photo Stockings

Here are what my finished stockings look like. You can easily make your own custom stockings.

Here are what my finished stockings look like. You can easily make your own custom stockings.


Christmas stockings have pretty much been part of my essential holiday decorating traditions since I was born. And my birthday is a week before Christmas, so I’m not exaggerating!

Making your own stockings in different styles is a lot of fun on Yorkphoto.com, whether you love their designs as is or want to make them truly unique by making your own changes. Given the quality of the stockings, they are a bargain at the regular price of $29.99 (plus $4.99 shipping). And you can often find deals on the York special offers page.

I started with taking a look at all the designs rather than building my own from scratch. I like the full photo design with a decorative band and text at the top.


When I went to the Stocking description page and clicked on browse our design, I got a wide selection of beautiful designs I could choose to use.



It is easy to add and edit text. You can have fun with it and make something personal and memorable.



Don’t be afraid to upload and try different images. Some of the designs need a photo that is just the right shape, while others will work with most photos.


And personally, I love the ‘View Larger’ feature as I am building my stocking because it lets me see how I can really expect it to look. For a full photo stocking design, it’s nice to use a seasonal image. Upload a few different landscape photos – in both portrait and landscape orientation. The stocking is a vertical product but you will want to have a couple different options to play around with.


You might find that you like using just part of a photo. Just make sure that is a high resolution image. I also like using the “view larger” option on the lower right to help me review the design and my work.


Here are a couple different variations, one using a close up textural photo and the other using a more traditional landscape.



I wanted to simplify the design and took out the transparent banner at the top and the text. Zooming in and/or moving the image around by using the tools will help you get the exact portion of the image you want in the available area.


You can use the York designs as is or make loads of changes, such as changing the color of the words or removing elements that you don’t think fit with your design


If you want to really individualize your stocking or, like me, wanted to add a holiday element, the Stock Art tab is where you want to go. You can use the search box by typing in the art you want to see or there are categories of clip art and backgrounds to use as well.


screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-10-59-15-am screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-10-59-31-am

I really like the way my final stocking turned out. By using a seasonal phrase instead of a name I can use this for other purposes too — like a wine bottle gift bag.


There is a lot of clip art on York that you can explore. In addition to traditional festive graphics, you will find stylized words and so much more.


A new stocking for Christopher during these younger years when kids seem to change and grow up so quickly is a fun way to mark each year. If you love a particular photo of your kid, as I do this one, try it. This is actually a photo from this past summer but having a sky background makes it easy to use here because there is no distracting pattern behind him. The image in black-and-white gives it a modern, contrasting look and I like the tight crop on Christopher’s face for this stocking design.


Photos that are tight on the face of the main subject work best on many of the stocking designs. Images with more than two people or with a lot of background detail will not turn out as well.


For something like this, since the design I like doesn’t have it, I have added in text boxes for his age and the year as well.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-10-48-38-am screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-10-49-05-am

Use the tools to vary the font type, size and color and to move the text box around on the design.


Make the design your own by making the type bigger, moving around the text boxes, etc.


Even better was adding a coordinating ornament!


York has a large selection of ornaments. This new silver ornament includes the year.


No mantel would be complete without stockings for our pawed children. I loved adding a couple of pieces of dog bone clip art in different colors to make this design the perfect stocking for Totty’s first Christmas with us.



Don’t forget your four-legged friends. I’m sure they will have a fun time sniffing around for their holiday treat hidden in their very own stocking.

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