Take Inspired Photos For Your Holiday Cards

The inception of Pinterest has really transformed our expectations when it comes to holiday cards and photoshoots. While in the past, wearing matching holiday sweaters or using a photo from your family vacation was totally acceptable, the game has changed. We’re now expected to show off our holiday spirit with colorful props, chalkboards, balloons, snowflakes and everyone in matching or coordinating outfits. In order to ensure that your holiday photos are picture-perfect for your cards this season, here are a few ideas to inspire your family photo shoot.

Holiday Lights

Baby with Christmas Lights

This idea is perfect for a new baby in the family. Dress them up in something festive and put a string of holiday lights on the ground and light them up. Your little one can sit right in the middle and their excitement will be captured. It’s festive, fun and you’ll treasure their little precious moment for years to come.

And for those in love, grab a string of lights and wrap them around you and your loved one for some cuddly, loving pics. They make a great engagement announcement or can be great for a photobook about your relationship, if you don’t feel like sharing those intimate moments with others.

Candy Cane Love

Newlyweds or love birds, this one is for you. Pick out giant candy canes and hold them out in front of you together, they’ll form a heart and show your love for each other and for the holiday. Psst…smooch your significant other in one of the shots for a secret moment captured by surprise.

Snowy Scenes

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where you can have a snowy winter wonderland then bundle up your little ones and have them grab a handful of light fluffy snow in their hands and start snapping pics. They can then blow the snow from their hands toward the camera, creating their own snow globe.

Pajama Party

Matching pajamas for the whole family. Be comfy and show off your fun side. Gather the family inside your home and get cozy with a cup of hot cocoa, cookies, and some funny faces. Make the photo shoot a fun event for the whole family and take some photos in your festive footie pajamas (adults too)!

Christmas Tree Grove

Often times, local photographers will have agreements with local businesses who sell Christmas trees to set up times and scenes to take pictures of their clients. Dress your family in festive colors (and pending on the weather, in something warm) and see if you or your photographer will have some props available. Some ideas could be a chalkboard with Happy Holidays written on it, tree ornaments, wrapped gifts, Rudolph’s nose or even your pet dressed up.

The best thing about a holiday photo shoot is getting the family together and capturing the holiday spirit in a photo that will last forever. You can transform the photo into a festive photo book, holiday cards, or even share them as ornaments for family members. Festive photos make great gifts and will let you reminisce about all the fun you had together as a family.

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